5 Easy Steps to make Limewash for Liming

Limewash (noun): A drink made with squeezed limes. It is similar to limeade, but is made with cane sugar and a hint of vanilla.

Liming (verb): A slang term used to describe the social act of chilling with friends and lounging around.

I am in love with “limewash” – it is one of my favourite homemade drinks from my childhood. The tangy lime, mixed with the caramel undertones of cane sugar and vanilla, make this the perfect drink to share while sitting around reminiscing about ‘back home.’

The Recipe

5-6 limes (small or large)

½ cup of cane sugar

½ teaspoon of vanilla extract

4 cups of water (arbitrary amount; add as much as you like to taste)

3 cups of soda water

2 Liter Jug

Step 1


Find Limes. They can be big or small sized, although some West Indians would argue that the smaller ones are more traditional to use. However, smaller limes require 1) more arm strength and 2) 2-3 more limes than I prescribed above, as they have less juice.

Step 2


Squeeze limes. You’ll want to roll the limes as hard as you can before you cut them in half to release the juices.

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Either use a squeezer or sweet-talk a nice West Indian mother to squeeze them for you.

Step 3

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Place lime juice in the jug. In a separate cup, mix together the cane sugar and ¾ cups of warm water to create a syrup. Pour the syrup in the jug.

Step 4

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Pour the remaining water (cold) into the jug. Add the vanilla extract. You may also add the rinds of 3-4 limes to the jug to enhance the flavor. Stir, stir, stir.

Step 5


When you are ready to serve, add the soda water.

Liming Time!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Call your friends. Call your family. Call your favourite pet. Time to kick back and relax after all of that hard squeezing.



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